Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Connor's quilt is finally finished

 Hey, big thank you to everyone who participated in my little survey last month. A bunch of people made their opinion known regarding what color bias tape I should use to finish this quilt.

For a while I wondered why people thought I had time to make new tape in different colors when I already had a few packages of black? Okay, so I do love making bias tape. So much that I even made a tutorial about it. But in this instance, I guess I was either lazy or going crazy with end of school year madness. Whatever happened, it is a good thing that people also voted that I should get to choose the color of bias trim. Cause I chose to use my packages of black that I already had. And I think it looks great. The black goes better on the back than the front, but oh well.

Connor LOVES his quilt. Especially the soft flannel race car side (yard sale find, yay!).

And that's all that really matters to me. That and the fact that it's done and I can move on to another big project. hmmmm. what will that be?

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Chloe's little ruffle skirt

Long time no blog, I know! I had underestimated how hard it would be to keep sewing with the kids out of school. Granted, last year I only had one in school all day and one in pre-k (half-day), but that seemed to give me so much more time. And energy. Nowadays I just want to go to bed when the kids do.

But I really wanted to sew Chloe some cute clothes for when she starts kindergarten in August. That's right, my baby girl is starting kindergarten. I can hardly believe it. And, of course, I want her to look smashing.

All of the cute things I was watching on skirt week over at crafterhours inspired me to sew along. This is my first time to try this sort of thing. I really liked it. It's like we're all at some big sewing bee, kind of.

Anyway, this is some fabric I've used before and I love. It's called Kaffe Fassett Clover Red by Westminster Fibers. I got it from, but they're all out. As of this posting, you could still find some on etsy and ebay. The little ruffle I made from one of my t-shirts that I cut up. Yeah, I know, but it was just the right color.

Then I finished it with a little ric-rac bow so she would know which side was the front.

And this picture shows what it's really like to photograph a 5 year old. Attitude.
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