Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Easter Dresses - in my newest design!

Yes, I know I haven't posted in a long while. I haven't been blogging, but I have still been sewing! Plus my baby sister just had her own baby (#2!) and I got to go visit. Then I forgot my camera at her house. While I wait for it to come in the mail, I guess I'll have to sort through the thousands of pictures on my computer to find anything blogworthy. To start, here's the little dresses I sewed up for the girls for Easter. I think I finally perfected this little design. I'm calling it the Pretty Pinafore. It's really easy and cuts up in one piece just like Cadie's Wrap Around. You already saw how I made the little flower brooch. Let me know somehow if you would like to help me test it. I think the pattern will be for sizes 12 mo - 8. Thanks!

Friday, April 16, 2010

New Flickr Brag Book

Have you created anything with one of my patterns, or using an idea from the blog?

Now you can post a picture in our new Brag Book:

Leave a comment when you do, so we will all know to check!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Sunshine in a bottle

Thanks to such a long cold winter here in central Florida ;) the tangerines on my in-laws' tree are still good. When we were there Sunday I couldn't resist grabbing one of the kids' Easter buckets and filling it up with these juicy, tangy treats.

So today I did a lot of cutting,


and cooking,

To make one of my all-time favorite treats... marmalade! I think this is an acquired taste, because even with an equal amount of sugar and fruit, this stuff is tangy! Maybe that's why I love it. It's perfect on buttered scones. I can just taste the sunshine.
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Saturday, April 3, 2010

funny bunnies

Just some little bunnies that were cut out about 10 last night, stitched around 11, and stuffed after midnight.

The easter bunny comes to our house on Easter Saturday so we can focus on more important things on Easter Sunday. This means that last night I made a 8 pm trip to the store for basket goodies. I tried to go easy on the stuff because 1) I don't think that candy and plastic grass is what Easter is really about and 2) it all ends up in the trash pretty quick.

But, then at 10 o'clock I was home looking at the baskets (actually cute little bins that can hold toys tomorrow) and thinking that something was missing... snuggly bunnies!

So that's why these bunnies don't have faces. I don't do embroidery at 1 in the morning.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Connor's Quilt - Part 1

Last night I was up til almost midnight working on a quilt for Connor. He asked me to make him one a couple weeks ago, and since I'm not sewing things for him all the time (like the girls), it's been on my mind.

Anyway, the best part was when I showed him this morning, he got really quiet and whispered "wow, that is so amazing." I was floored. This is my all boy three year old. Right now he's very loudly chasing his older brother around the kitchen island with a race car.

Which brings me to the back of the quilt. Perfect.

And, I'm proud to admit that every piece of fabric so far has been either a scrap, a yard-sale find, or given to me. Yay!

In case you were wondering how I got the idea for the front, it came to me while I was shopping at Target :).
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