Friday, November 13, 2009

Laura's nursing cover

This is how I spent my kids’ naptime today.

Then it was such a lovely day outside that I had to go out to take the pictures. Days like today are why “snowbirds” spend the winter months in Florida.

On the day of Laura’s baby shower I drove 30 minutes to get there and then realized that I had left her gift sitting on my kitchen counter.  I apologized and she was very sweet about it. Later, I needed to nurse Cadie, so I pulled my balled-up nursing cover out of my diaper bag. She went crazy over it and so did her mom, so I decided that would make a way better gift than just more baby clothes.

And that’s why I made another one. There are a bunch of patterns out there, but I’ve been using one that I found here.

The only thing I would change about this pattern is the way she tells you to put on the D-rings. She says to sew the shorter strap closed without them, and then use pliers to open the D-rings and put them on. When I made my cover, I had such a hard time getting those D-rings open, I had to ask my husband for help. He got them open and shut again, but they never looked quite right after that. This time I just slipped them on before I sewed the short strap together, and it was easy.

Oh, and I also make triangle pockets instead of square. I just think they’re cute. This time I used nice soft terrycloth. These weigh down the corners a bit, and are also good for wiping messy faces. And the whole thing can be thrown in the washer every so often.

If anyone is wondering about this thing’s practicality, let me tell you this is the best invention since the nursing bra. I don’t use it every day, but when I need it, I am SOOOO glad to have it. There is nothing worse than holding a screaming hungry baby and looking for a private place to nurse when you know you could deal with a semi-private place if you had some kind of cover. Just my opinion…

Monday, November 9, 2009

Cadie's Wrap Around Dress and Top Pattern

Wow! It's finally ready. I owe many thanks to all my testers, and to my very busy photographer. You guys are awesome! Here are some pics, first some that I made:

And here's some by my very dedicated testers:

I love all the tester dresses. I can't describe how thrilling it is to see my design brought to life in all these different ways. Thanks so much everyone!
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