Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A "just in case" skirt.

I'm getting ready for a quick little trip to NYC this weekend. I just wrote that like I do it all the time, but actually I NEVER get to do anything like this. I'm meeting up with a college roommate that I haven't seen in over 10 years. So I'm packing, trying to see how much I can fit in my carry-on because I don't want to waste time or money checking a bag, and I suddenly realize that I could use a skirt, just in case. I'll wear jeans and a cotton top. Then I've packed slacks, a sweater, and a couple more tops in a grey/black palette (plus the necessary undies and pj's). What I wished for was a simple knit skirt that could go with the things I've already packed. I do not want to go shopping again. Black friday did me in, plus the thought of taking kids in the dressing room with me kills that idea.

So I went to the stash. The knit section ;). I found this soft cream colored double knit.

Perfect. I cut two pieces to make a simple tube, serged the sides:

 (I know, my sewing table is piled high right now. Too many projects, never enough space). I had to serge the sides a few times, playing around with how much ease I wanted. But now I have a simple long skirt, "just in case."

 No hem, I just serged the bottom because I didn't want to lose a single inch off the length:

And no real waistband (just elastic serged on) because no one will see that part:

Yay, now I think I have everything for my trip!

Sewing-wise, this was a nice break from the getting-ready-for-Christmas marathon I'm in right now.

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