Thursday, January 14, 2010

Just like me?

Today I made a quick trip to JoAnn's while Carl was at school and Chloe was at preschool. That meant I only had 2 children with me - the two that are too young for even preschool. I had to quickly maneuver my baby-seat laden cart through each section of the store to keep 2-year-old Connor busy walking, not stopping to play with stuff. Although I must admit that he played bowling with some paint bottles while I picked out fleece...

The part that I am writing about however, is this fellow mom that I saw walking out to her car as I was driving away. She also had two children, a baby and a toddler both buckled into a double stroller. And she pushed it while balancing four bags of polyester fiber-fill in her arms. She smiled at me as I waited for her to pass in front of me, and I remembered how I bought that much fiberfill right before Christmas. I wondered what she was making. She looked so cute in a sweater-coat and fabric headband (that she probably made!). Then I thought that she probably had a blog too, all about her sewing and craftiness, and I wanted so badly to jump out of the car and go meet her!

Alas, I didn't. I hesitated and then it was too late. So whoever you are, crafty mom: good luck on your project. I promise that if I run into you again, I am going to meet you!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Cadie's Dress...the next one

My little Cadie's dress pattern has been doing surprisingly well on YCMT. I am so flattered that people like my ideas well enough to try them. Anyway, last October I had the idea to come up with another dress that can be cut out in one piece and sewn together in a flash. Sort of like the next in a series (if I get that far). Because, really, who can resist a pattern that you can start and finish in one day?

So I cut out a dress (one piece each of two different fabrics) but then I got so overloaded with Christmas stuff that it just sat in my sewing cupboard for three months. And yesterday I took it out and stitched it up. I am happy to report that it stitched up so quickly and easily that it passes my time test. I still want to fiddle around with the shape a bit, but I just have to post some pics of Chloe hanging out in it.

This is from fabric that she picked out from my yard sale stash. The dress is reversible, but Chloe really likes the side with the flowers best.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

And the t-shirt winner is (was) Lindsey!

Sorry everyone, I meant to post this yesterday but Cadie had an allergic reaction to her amoxicillin and I spent the day worrying and trying to get her seen by the doctor. She's a little bit better today. The hives on her face are as bad as ever, but the rest of her body is almost normal.

So Lindsey, I'll be emailing you for your address in just a minute. Can't wait to ship you your t-shirt!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Cool ways to repurpose your t-shirts - read to the end for a giveaway!

This is something that has been on my mind for a while now. I have a drawer so full of t-shirts that it won't close anymore, but I can't bear to throw them away - they're still good for something! Now I know what...

1. Peasant top by Obsessively Stitching - very cute

2. Braided scarf by this old dress - I think it would make a great belt too.

3. T-shirt tote bag - fast and handy.

4. Toddler pants by rookie moms - gotta make a bunch, they look so comfy!

5. Little girl dress by Miala Projects - could be darling with the right tee

So, what have I missed? Leave a comment with a new idea, and in one week (01/10/10, 10 pm)  I'll draw a name and send someone a t-shirt. Lots of luck!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

I'm in the tryhandmade gallery!

I'm tickled pink that this picture of Abby wearing cadie's wraparound top made it in the tryhandmade gallery. I recently discovered the cute little site that is full of inspiration.
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