Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Over a year ago I posted a picture of the childrens' book character Olivia and wrote about how I finally found the fabric to sew my daughter Chloe an outfit like Olivia's. It is a red jumper with red and white striped leggings and red and white striped shirt. Well, turned out that when I took a closer look at the picture on fabric.com, it was just not going to be right (stripes too narrow) so I didn't order it and I put that little project off until I could find the perfect striped knit fabric. 

I had almost given up when surprise! I got a piece of the perfect stuff in this "bonanza box" of solid and striped knits from the fabric fairy (my kids had no idea there was such a person and were in absolute awe). And, on the same day I received an issue of Ottobre that had the perfect pieces for this outfit. Chloe wanted me to make it immediately. She's learning to imagine how fabric and patterns will turn out and I love it.

I love how it turned out. You can't see it, but there's a little pocket on the front yoke like Olivia's. I had to shorten the sleeves because the fabric was just not big enough to squeeze all the pieces on there without alteration. I'm not too disappointed about that because she can wear the shirt now without waiting for cold weather. 

I also put black trim on the shirt (another deviation from Olivia's) because I thought it would look cuter when she wore it with jeans or black pants. And isn't that pants design funny? I hated it in the magazine and only made it because I could use solid red for part of the pants and still have just enough striped fabric to 'make it work' :). Now, however, I love the pants! It kind of looks like she's wearing red shorts with leggings underneath. (sorry for the fuzzy pics. I hate using flash in the house.)

Then, right before bedtime, the fabric fairy showed up...

Yes, my daughter called herself the fabric fairy. She is going to love fabric as much as I do.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

baby arctic seal bunting

This week I finished up something that I have been gradually gathering materials for and looking forward to making. When I saw this in last year's Winter Ottobre Issue, my first thought was, who would be crazy enough to make that? But then each time I looked at it, I realized that I already had the fur, and the fleece, and the babycord. Still, my youngest is 2 and way too old for a baby bunting, even if we do get a week next February when the temps drop below freezing (I so love Florida!). And then I remembered that I have a sister who lives waaayyy up north and is expecting a baby next month. So I put an end to the internal struggle and just made it.

Anyone who may have eavesdropped on me sewing this project would have periodically heard me squeal "oooo, sooo cute!"  I honestly wanted to keep it for Cadie because...

if she doesn't stretch out her legs...

or her arms...

or try to walk...

then she'd be soo adorable this winter. For the whole week of it. :) No, I'll send it to Julie.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Jean jacket version of the Button Up Bolero

This morning my friend Dominique (who lives in Belgium) emailed me a photo of her re-make on the Button Up Bolero. As you can see, the basic shape is there but she made some very cute alterations! It looks like she doubled up on the fabric to make a lining and used some cute cotton and denim instead of fleece. Then I think she just sewed the seams together instead of all buttons. And of course that adorable ruffle. I'm thinking about trying this now.  Thanks for sharing Dominique!

Friday, August 12, 2011

The Easy Ruffle Shrug pattern is done!

This pattern would have been ready a month or so ago, but one of my testers had such a great suggestion - a closure of some kind - that I had to develop that idea before I could consider the pattern done. I am so thrilled by how the ribbon ties look that I put that particular jacket on the front cover. See?

I owe a big thank you to my sister Kat for help with the pictures, and also to the fabulous testers who gave me lots of great feedback and ideas.

And, of course, to my girly girls who have a dresser full of little shrugs now - and they actually wear them! 

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Connor's Playsuit

Isn't it fun when kids are still young enough to let you impose your sense of humor on their wardrobe? He he. I finished Connor's little velour playsuit today and he was so excited to wear it, he didn't care that it's still 90 degrees outside. I swear, if I wasn't such a chicken when it comes to my own wardrobe, I would make myself one too.

Doesn't that look comfy?

And stylish?

Here's the back. I used a pattern from the Ottobre design magazine, issue 6/2010. The fit is awesome -- all I had to do was hem the legs and arms a bit more than called for. The pattern was a bit time consuming, but sooo worth it. I found this stretchy striped velour on fabric.com. Another lucky break for not seeing and feeling it beforehand. I only bought 2.5 yards and wish I had way more... for shirts, sweatpants, pillows...

There's a little waistband on there, but you can't really see it because I was so careful matching up the stripes. Oh well.



Monday, August 1, 2011

Photos of the Little Ruffle Shrug

I'm so excited to show off the awesome pictures I have received from my pattern testers.

I love this one.You go girl! Doesn't wearing a shrug make you feel like a movie star?

Big, big, thanks to Angie, Ashley, and Felicia. I still have a few more tweaks and then this pattern will be available on my website and etsy store. Watch for it!
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