Saturday, October 17, 2009

Cadie's Dress

This is a little design that I messed around with to make a top for Chloe a few weeks ago. Now it turned out this sweet dress for Cadie. It was fun because the whole dress is just one piece. All I had to do was cut and embellish (if you count sewing on bias trim and tiny lace as embellishing). I even made my own bias trim because that was preferable to another trip to Joann's with 4 kids. I'm thinking of writing down the pattern in all my spare time...

Does anyone have any thoughts on that?
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  1. cute! i want to see the front!

  2. shhhh... you weren't really supposed to see this dress. At least, don't let Claire see until after Christmas ;).

  3. Hey, it's Lori Coates Fairbanks' mom, Dianne...I love this...seriously, do you have a pattern for it...I'd love to make's adorable! I'm excited about your sewing's excellent! Thanks...

  4. Oh my word Caroline. That dress is adorable! I wish I had your talent!! You are amazing!!


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