Monday, November 9, 2009

Cadie's Wrap Around Dress and Top Pattern

Wow! It's finally ready. I owe many thanks to all my testers, and to my very busy photographer. You guys are awesome! Here are some pics, first some that I made:

And here's some by my very dedicated testers:

I love all the tester dresses. I can't describe how thrilling it is to see my design brought to life in all these different ways. Thanks so much everyone!


  1. Love seeing everyone else's dresses. I must say I loved making this pattern and will be making it again as both a dress and top!!!!

    PS its so cool to see your own little one modeling something you made on the world-wide web!!!

    Thanks again Caroline for letting me test the pattern for you!

  2. hee hee nice to see the action shot of Niamh! Wish I'd tidied my room though - better not show my Mum, she'll give me another lecture! :(


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