Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Cadie's Dress...the next one

My little Cadie's dress pattern has been doing surprisingly well on YCMT. I am so flattered that people like my ideas well enough to try them. Anyway, last October I had the idea to come up with another dress that can be cut out in one piece and sewn together in a flash. Sort of like the next in a series (if I get that far). Because, really, who can resist a pattern that you can start and finish in one day?

So I cut out a dress (one piece each of two different fabrics) but then I got so overloaded with Christmas stuff that it just sat in my sewing cupboard for three months. And yesterday I took it out and stitched it up. I am happy to report that it stitched up so quickly and easily that it passes my time test. I still want to fiddle around with the shape a bit, but I just have to post some pics of Chloe hanging out in it.

This is from fabric that she picked out from my yard sale stash. The dress is reversible, but Chloe really likes the side with the flowers best.


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  2. Hey Caroline, how's the dress coming. How did you turn it all inside with the arm holes intact? That little reversible style has me stumped.

  3. Actually, the dress is just a flat piece that crosses in front and buttons on each shoulder.

    These are the two issues I'm working on right now with it:

    1. The arm holes turn out kind of big and open. She couldn't wear it without a shirt underneath. I've got to see if I can adjust that somehow.

    2. The way that it wraps around and buttons on the shoulders is not very intuitive for a child. She doesn't like me to help her put it on, but has not yet figured out how to do it herself (the right way, anyway).

    Call me if you would like to mess around with this idea. I'd find a way to get you the pattern that I have so far.

    I have been sidetracked with another project for the time being. I'm sure you know how it goes :).

    I love your blog, by the way. Your rewards system is super.


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