Thursday, May 13, 2010

Connors Quilt - Part 2


I finally got to work more on Connor's quilt last night. He wasn't in bed yet, so he watched a little. When he saw me piecing the back together he got confused and asked if I was sewing a quilt for his brother too. Then he got excited to hear that his quilt would have two parts. He wanted to put it on his bed already.

So I pieced the back with a white strip in between the bigger pieces so that it would look a little bit like the front, and because the flannel for the back was in two pieces anyway and the pattern didn't match up. Then I sandwiched it with some white & natural, drew diagonal lines with my ruler, and machine quilted. (I don't know why I took that picture before I trimmed off the extra white & natural - I guess it was late at night)

I like the way it turned out. It's coming along a lot faster than Chloe's quilt. Of course, her's is probably 6 times as big! Now I just have to bind it. I am inclined to use black binding because I already have a couple packages. Black would look fine with the back, but I'm not sure about the front. Any opinions?

Come to think of it, I think I'll post a poll. I've been itching to try it. So please vote!!!!! (but that does that mean I have to listen?????) Oh, another poll!


  1. I have never made a quilt but yours is so cute. If the back is the race cars I think the black binding will look great! Good job! Ann

  2. Thanks Ann! I probably just want to do the black because I'm lazy. But I might end up having to make some red binding based on the voting so far!

  3. I love the way you are putting a big C in the middle. Very personal!

  4. Thanks for posting. He's also just learning his letters so he loves to see "his" letter C.

  5. Okay, it looks like 2 people "voted" red binding, one for black, and one for green. But then, on the issue of whether you decide or I decide, I win, two to one! Let me think about this... I'll be back.


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