Friday, February 18, 2011

Ribbon stash.

I finally caught the virus that's been tormenting the kids lately (and the adults since we don't get any sleep). Now I know why they screamed that their head hurt and just wanted to lie on the couch all day. That was how I was feeling until the doorbell rang and I got a big surprise. 

Look at those boxes just bursting at the seams. Ribbon. A belated birthday present from my sister Rebekah.

Opening box 1.

Shock and awe.

Opening box 2.

Testing (or tasting) it.

Tying up the boys (who named this kind 'Pirate Ribbon').



Sorted! That shoe rack that didn't hold shoes very well is great for ribbon. It looks like we will have to think up some projects involving this beautiful stash.

Thank you Rebekah!!!

(If you're wondering where this came from, she found a ribbon factory not far from her house in West Virginia and got this dirt cheap. Wish I were so lucky.)


  1. SCORE!! You ARE so Lucky. What a great stash. You could make a ton of hair bows...So glad you are posting again!!


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