Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Q&A with the Authors of One Yard Wonders, and announcing the winner...

Continuing my love of the fantastic new book One Yard Wonders (Fabric By Fabric), I get to share with you a little email Q&A that I got to do with the authors, Rebecca and Trish. When I found out that I got to do this, I thought a lot about what I would ask them. I mean, if you got to ask two super crafty and super successful people that you really admired anything at all, what would you say?
So this is what I asked, and what they answered. I love their answers...

How have your lives changed since hitting it big with a bestselling sewing book plus a sequel?

Rebecca: It is very exciting to be connected to One-Yard Wonders. We never could have guessed what an amazing success it would turn out to be! We are eagerly tracking the success of Fabric-by-Fabric and hope it follows the same path as One-Yard Wonders. I love the accomplishment of both these books, and never could have done either without Trish. We were already great friends, and the books have demonstrated how well we work together and complement each other as literary partners.

Trish: I definitely feel like I've grown tremendously in my ability to read, understand, write, and edit sewing patterns & designs. I agree that it's been a GREAT partnership with Rebecca - we are a superb team. I've learned so much from her.... and from our fabulous contributors. I just love how we've connected to this great, truly global community of crafters out there. Every once in a while I still have to pinch myself to make sure I'm not dreaming.

When you get a chance to sit down and craft for the love of it, what are you most likely to work on?

Rebecca: I love to sew. Recently I decided I would make all my son's clothes. A little ambitious, I must admit. Stepping back and being realistic, it makes more sense to say I aspire to sew all my son's clothes. So far I've made a few things (t-shirts and hoodies) that we love. Beyond sewing, I love the portability and calming repetition of knitting. Currently, I'm working on knitting matching hats for my family - raccoon heads. They're very cute, and I even finished them in time for the holidays!

Trish: Lately it's been various odds and ends for my toddler son - an art smock, a tool belt for his play tools... some clothes but it seems mostly stuff that helps further his own creativity and exploration. Theoretically I would love to explore quilting much more --- but that's mostly in my head these days (lots of designs planned out, few executed).

If you had to choose between a "night out" or a "night in" which would you choose and why?

Rebecca: Without question, NIGHT OUT!! They are too few and far in between. The birth of my son coincided with the completion of the Fabric-by-Fabric manuscript, and I've been spending a lot of time at home since October 3, 2010 - both days and nights. My husband and I find ourselves "in" almost every night as babysitters can be difficult to come by. Sure we've been out in the last 14 months, but not enough! We have dance lessons we want to take! It would be great to see a movie in the movie theater! Send me an email if your available to sit....

Trish: We go out to eat a lot... with toddler in tow. Would definitely love to get out more sans child. That said, I guess I am a bit of a homebody! I have a huge backlog of books to read, movies & shows I'd like to watch, craft projects to make. Alas, the time slips by.

What do you think of the current DIY craze in our country? Do you think it's just a fad or its here to stay?

Rebecca: DIY has always been a big part of my life, it just happens to be more widespread now, and I love it!! The internet has certainly helped the success with the multitude of crafty bloggers and on-line tutorials. I love having so many inspirational projects right at my fingertips (thank you bloggers!!). Caroline, your Little Owl Bib and Tropical Fish Mittens tutorials are absolutely adorable. [Me: {blush} she read my blog!!!] I don't see the current popularity of DIY waning anytime soon, thank goodness!

Trish: If it is a fad, it's one with very long legs -- it's been going on for a very long time already and shows no sign of stopping! I think the more technologically based our society gets, people will feel even more of a need to create something with their hands; yet that same technology makes it so much easier to connect with others, find inspiration, and learn how to try new things. All signs point to the craze sticking around for a long time to come.

What are you going to do next?

Rebecca: Now that I have successfully competed crafting my holiday gifts, I'm going to rest up a bit on the DIY front and read a book or two. Hopefully also take a vacation to a warm destination to escape the winter freeze (and of course knit while on vacation!). On the book front, I think we'll enjoy a little time off to revel in Fabric-by-Fabric before diving into another One-Yard Wonders sequel - stay tuned!!!

Trish: While Crafty Planet takes up a lot of my time, alas, I'm really hoping to do a lot more on the design & crafting front - I have ideas for my own line of sewing patterns, handmade goods, not to mention our idea(s) for a One-Yard Wonders sequel. But I agree with Rebecca, a little time off to read (something NOT craft-related) and enjoy the winter weather here in Minnesota (indoors and out) will be much appreciated!

And for those of you who were just waiting to hear... the winner of the One Yard Wonders book giveaway is comment number 34 (chosen by random.org). So GSFOoL, I'm going to try to figure out how to email you. If you read this first, send me your address because you get a copy of Fabric By Fabric!


  1. So fun to read through a behind the scenes q & a. I'm thrilled about the book and can't wait to receive it!!!

  2. Loved the book and projects. So much fun to hear from the authors. Thank you!


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