Friday, February 24, 2012

Surprise! The Ruffle Romper Pattern (coming soon)

So I finally felt inspired to put together another pattern. It's been a while since an idea came into my head and I couldn't find a pattern already out there for it.

I love making these little ruffle rompers so much I think they will be both my girl's summer staple!

And, like most of my other patterns, there's only one pattern piece to cut out.

A whole bunch of testers are currently working on their own ruffle rompers, and I hope to have the pattern available in my etsy shop soon.

And maybe (just maybe) I might make some extra rompers and put those in the etsy shop  too. That's how much I love sewing these!


  1. I'm almost hoping you bought that as a fabric with the layers pre-sewed, because that would be a ton of work to do it by yourself!

  2. i got my ruffle material at hobby lobby...


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