Friday, September 18, 2009

Chloe's nightgown

I am adding a new section to my sewing diary - a list of other blogs that I love. The first one I'm putting there is MadeByRae. Her ideas are so up my alley. And she has a new baby too!

I have been wanting to try her spring top tutorial ( for a while now. Today I did - but as a nightgown for Chloe. I decided to gather the bottom part instead of putting in pleats (this is a nightgown, for goodness sake!). But then when I was cutting that piece out I went a little crazy with the rotary cutter and cut too much off - so there wasn't very much to gather anyway.

I really like the combination of the boxy square neck top and the feminine ruffled sleeves. When I come across just the right fabric, I might be making myself a tunic - length version.


  1. Found you from the Sew Mama Sew forum. I love the nightgown. I also saved the Spring Ruffle top with ideas to make my daughter a dress, but hadn't thought of a nightgown. Now I've got even more ideas! Thanks!!

  2. I love the nightgown! It is adorable!


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