Wednesday, September 9, 2009

New (to me!) jeans and a tiny jean purse...

A couple months ago I picked up two awesome pairs of jeans at our church's swap and shop. If you can't find one of those a couple times a year, that's something I recommend putting together. Both my church and my kids' preschool hold them and I donate AND scavenge! Anyway, I found two awesome pairs of jeans that I have been dieting since then to fit in to (the joys of being a woman... what makes us do that?). Today they finally fit! Okay, I have to wear loose t-shirts with them because they still give me a bit of a muffin-top, but I'm celebrating.

So, now that I can actually zip them up and feel relatively comfortable -- I needed to cut a few inches off the bottom of these make-my-butt-look-good jeans because they are a size long and I mostly buy size short.

But don't they look cute?

And then I was sitting there at my sewing machine with my kids still asleep, looking at the cut off parts of those jeans, thinking, "what can I make with these?" That, girls, is the sewing disease. You can't just stop at hemming the pants, because that is totally thrifty and sane. You have to spend another 45 minutes making something totally useless and cute.

This is what I created...

All I can say is it's a good thing that I have a 4 year old princess who is going to wake up and love her new little purse!

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