Friday, December 11, 2009

Getting started on the stocking stuffers

I disentangled my sewing machine from Chloe's quilt today (why I chose to make my first real quilt a queen sized beast just boggles everyone's mind - including my own...) and got re-inspired for Christmas with these cute little necklaces.

They are so easy and are featured in a tutorial here on the YouCanMakeThis.Com blog. They are doing all kinds of diy Christmas stocking stuffers and gifts. The only issue I had with the tutorial was that I didn't think my fabric tubes were long enough. I had to sew 2 together and put a knot on the seam, then continue adding beads and tying until it was the length I wanted. That little step would have been a lot easier if I had known to do it before I had a bunch of beads on my necklace. In any event, I now have two necklaces to send to a little niece, and two hidden away for Chloe's stocking :).

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