Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My flower bag - get the applique design here!

I made a new bag today -- and boy do I need it. I've been carrying around that diaper bag that you get free at the hospital when you have a baby and EVERYONE tells me about it. I'm starting to get really embarrassed. To give myself credit, I did make this bag, but I got tired of it after a while and my sister really loved it, so I gave it to her the last time I was visiting.

Anyway, this is my new one that I made today. I have been wanting to try something with a frayed edge look and I thought this would be perfect for it because normally you have to sew a purse twice - once for the outside and once for the lining. Because I wanted the seams to show, I got to sew them at once!

I stiched the flower applique on using a straight stitch so that those edges will fray a bit too. Click here for the applique pattern. I would love to see anything else with my carolina fair designs flower on it! Hopefully I'll get a flikr pool made soon. Then I want everyone to post pictures!


  1. what? I LOVED that other purse of yours! can't believe you gave it away ;) ...at least your sister is happy!

    I've been sitting at the computer for the last hour checking out all your stuff and trying to find something I want to try from 'you can make this'. hope I feel crafty tomorrow too, lol.

    thanks for inspiring!

  2. I've always thought you were crafty :). Hope you find something!

  3. Super cute! I just added you to my Google reader.

  4. Thanks so much! Hey, I can't wait to see how your wrap around dress turns out. I love the fabric that I see in your blog -- I'm guessing that's it with the orange trim?


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