Monday, February 28, 2011

Ribbon Hand-bag Tutorial

This new tutorial was written by my lovely and talented sister Rebekah. I'm so happy to have her post on here and I hope she decides to make it a habit. She made one of these little handbags for my daughter and it turned into quite the accessory.

I'm one of Caroline's sisters and I'm guest posting on this blog to share my easy "Handmade Bag" pattern. This pattern is so versatile! You can easily modify the size and shape to fit your creativity or functional needs. I started with a goal to only use materials that I had on running to the craft store, (I'm on a budget ALL the time now, not just in spurts:)

I started out with one of my husband's old white shirts.

I cut out 2 identical pieces about 10 inches wide and 12 inches in length.

I used some quilt batting between the two layers to give some texture (sometimes I use muslin).

I decorated the fabric with ribbon because....I recently acquired a TON of ribbon:)

I stitched both sides of the pink ribbon. I wanted to use light pink thread....but I didn't have any and wasn't going to run to the craft I used white and it didn't stick out at all:)

Then I folded the bag, right sides together and sewed the sides together.

With right side still together, I cornered off the two bottom corners into triangles, marked it with a straight line, and stitched (always reinforcing my stitch). This gives the bag a flat bottom to stand up and a little style:)

Next I used some white satin to make a lining for the bag....exact pattern as the bag itself...BUT leave a 3inch hole on one side to turn the bag inside out through. Don't make the hole on a bottom corner, your going to corner off and stitch a triangle on the lining too.

I also sewed some Velcro in the lining to close the bag...a pocket is optional too!

Turn the bag right-side out and slip it into the lining, which is inside want the right-side of the lining touching the right-side of the bag....or right-sides together.

Carefully pin the bag and lining together. I sewed a doubled-up piece of ribbon together and lined it up with an end seam to make a little handle.

The next step is to turn the bag right side out through the little opening that was left in the side of the lining.

Make sure you stitch up the hole:)

I always pin the top seam carefully to get it straight and then use a stitch very close to the edge to secure it. I also find an unnoticeable place to secure the lining to the bottom of the bag. Either by hand or machine.

There you go! I used lots of pictures to show each step, but it really was quick and easy.


  1. So cute and clever. I love the ribbon accents.

  2. awesome idea. love the color combination you have used.
    love your blog too...
    good luck.


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