Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Classic 1980's romper

This morning as I got Cadie dressed, I was reminded of those little bubble rompers that my sisters and I were all wearing circa 1980. I  was 5 and I remember having about 10 of them. So after the kids went out to play I started messing around to see if I could make one. Of course it only has one pattern piece because that is my obsession right now. Add a little bit of bias trim and elastic and viola...


What I did was take my go-to baby bloomer pattern and extend the top about 10 inches. 

I put a 'V' in the top for the armhole 

and since the seam would be right up the middle of her I took the chance to put in a small dart.

 The pink is some seersucker I had in my stash. Perfect for summer. And I never get over what cute bias tape you get from gingham!


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