Thursday, April 7, 2011

for a cleaner car…

A month or so ago we finally had to trade in our first mini-van. The kids were sad to lose Ruby  until they saw what we were trading her for (and named him Niko).
My first thought was that I don’t want this “new” (used, but okay – new to us) van to become the trash mobile that the other one was. It seemed that every time I looked back there, the kids had thrown wrappers, water bottles, chicken nugget cartons (and gross… chicken nuggets) all over the place. That’s not to mention the shoes, socks, crayons, coloring books, school papers, and toys that got left in there.
Seriously, I was always embarrassed dropping the kids off at school because I knew those dressed-up ladies holding little stop signs were looking in my car and seeing all the junk.
So, to put an end to it I started with a sewing project…


First I searched for some ideas online. I really liked the look of this one with bias trim edges (yes, and I have a huge stash because I always make extra).

(to give proper credit, I’m posting this link to her blog:

But I also really liked this idea: to use boning to keep it open. Keeping them open was actually the most important part (I made two because four kids have a lot of trash).

I think it was a good mix. The bias trim made a perfect little casing for the boning. Plus I found some leftover ribbon somewhere :) for velcro straps.


And now I can happily report that the trash in our car is generally in it’s place. Of course I have to do a lot of reminding. And I’m sooo glad that I put in the boning to make them stay open. If it took two hands to throw trash away our new car might be just as embarrassing as our old car was.

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