Friday, May 13, 2011

PJ Bottoms tester photos

Yesterday I received feedback and photos from two of my testers for the PJ Bottoms and Shorts pattern. They turned out soooo adorable. Check out these two little guys:

I must admit I absolutely love that long hair. When my boys' hair starts getting shaggy it bothers me so much I cut it.. but maybe I should just let it keep growing. These were sewn by my talented friend Theresa, and you can click here to see her etsy shop.

The other tester to send me photos yesterday was Angie. 

Look at this outfit she whipped up in just one day!

Then she took the shorts pattern and customized it by adding a ruffle. So sweet!!! You can check out her awesome blog by clicking here.

I'm making the last final edits and this pattern will be "on the shelves" (on the website and etsy) soon.

As for my next one, I'm already more than halfway done with the ruffle shrug pattern. 
And of course, it only takes one pattern piece!


  1. Thanks for the link. Great pattern!

  2. THANK YOU FOR THE LINK AND THE SWEET WORDS! I MUST SAY THAT I LOVE LOVE LOVE YOUR PATTERNS! THEY ARE FANTASTIC AND ADORABLE! If anyone is considering buying a patter from you, dont sit there and think about it, do it!! They are so easy to follow and great, I completely without reservation recommend them to any and all!!!


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