Monday, July 18, 2011

how to deal with the 'yucky dress' response

I found this little quote on pinterest the other day and in my mind I like to change the words 'making art' to 'sewing.' It is, after all, the way I create, escape, and run away for a few minutes. Well, it's the way I try to think about sewing because pretty often my creations get rejected. Like this little dress that I made for my 2 year old Cadie.

From the first time I showed her, she called it "yucky dress" and threw it as far from her as those chubby little arms could get it.

I thought that eventually she would change her mind, but not yet. I put it on her every once in a while (because it still looks cute and new), but it always ends up on the floor as soon as she can get it off.

That's when I take a breath and remind myself that (most of the time) the sewing and creating is for me. My family and friends getting cute things is just a happy coincidence.


  1. Ooh I know that phrase! Also 'It's not pretty' and 'It's not pink' 'I don't like (add colour other than pink here)'!! A disappointment but on to the next project with madams approval of the fabric up front! :-D

  2. Oh...I LOVE the yucky dress! I'm not quite to the age where my little one expresses like/dislike over clothing yet... 13months...but I'm betting it's not far off.

  3. I feel your pain. Meredith rarely wears the things I make for her. If she does it's cause I asked her to and possibly guilt her into it. That is one reason I don't sew for her too much.


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