Saturday, July 9, 2011

potty training can look cute (even it it's not)

So the other day I got really inspired to potty train. Well, Cadie kept taking off her diaper. And I got the itch to sew. And I found a cute pattern. And a few hours later we had these:

There is actually one more pair with turquoise blue trim, but well, it was in the washer. After searching the web for free and paid pdf patterns (instant download = yay!) I settled on this one by Ladder Hill Designs.

To be sure, I am very pleased with this pattern. Honestly, I think this version (pic from the Ladder Hill website) made with fabric waistband and legbands is cuter, but I have a huge stash of fold over elastic from an unnamed crafting bargain site I'm addicted to so I decided to use it. Plus she is pretty specific that the waistband/legband fabric must have spandex in it and since I wasn't sure about the fabric in my fabric cupboard I didn't want to risk making droopy drawers.

Funny that the pattern author and I both like Patty Young fabric. I just noticed that.

Anyway, she provides sooo many different options with this pattern that even though I dislike expensive patterns, I don't regret spending $7.95. Beside the waistband vs. elastic trim options, you can use snaps (or not for pull-ups like I made), or even make regular underwear without the soaker inside. Chloe is asking for those now.

Sooo, in conclusion, no potty training success yet except in cuteness. If only that were enough.


  1. Hang in there. The trainers are adorable...perhaps you need some additional incentive. Skittles worked well for our kids. :)

  2. Super cute! I have this pattern too and love it! Made the best night time trainers for my little guy when he was at that stage. Good luck with a quick potty learning! :)


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