Monday, July 11, 2011

selfish sewing - sewing machine covers

I finally made myself a sewing machine cover. And while I was at it I made one for the serger. Here's a picture of my semi-organized sewing space. I have taken over a corner of my kids' playroom. It is truly a playroom both day and night.

I basically followed this tutorial from Sparkle Power, but mine is even simpler. She used four different types of fabric, I think, but I didn't get that fancy. I put the owls on one side, and you can see a calming green print that I can switch to later when I'm not feeling so trendy. I do wish I had made them a bit wider, maybe a 1/2" on each side, but they're fine for what I need - something to keep the dust away on those days that I don't sew. Getting out the cases that came with these machines just seems too permanent for some reason. Like I'm not planning to sew for a few weeks or months. Heaven forbid!

1 comment:

  1. They are darling, Caroline. I agree...a less permanent cover is infinitely better, and also cuter.


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